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NYPMSN Annual Iftar 1434H/2013

Assalamu'alaikum wr br!

Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah s.w.t, Iftar this year on 27th July 2013, have been a successful despite many challenges that our committee faced. All Praise to Allah!

We would like to extend our gratitude to the participants who have made their valuable time on Saturday to come down for our Iftar. Your support is so much appreciated! :D Not to mention, Ustaz Muslim, the Youth Development Officer (YDO) of Masjid al-Muttaqin, for collaborating with us for this event. May Allah reward all of you.

Iftar is one of our annual event with our aim to bring all NYP Muslim students together on this blessful month of Ramadhan to get to know our brothers and sisters in NYP through various activities and of course, breaking fast together. At the same time, forging bond and brotherhood among ourselves. Not to forget, to bring beneficial knowledge back home, inshaa-Allah!

On this day, initially we had Ustaz Rizhan to give us Tazkirah. However, he could not make it as he was sick. SyafakaAllah Ustaz Rizhan! But Alhamdulillah, we managed to find his substitute to give us Tazkirah, which by coincidence he was in Masjid al-Muttaqin, that is Professor Azlan from University Malaya (UM). May Allah s.w.t reward him and all those from University Malaya who have helped us in making this year Iftar possible. (:

(Group Photo with Professor and 3 students from UM)

(Iftar Group Photo - Informal)

(Iftar 1434H/2013 Committees - Syazwan missing in photo)

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We also received a summary from a participant for the Tazkirah. May Allah bless him/her who shared this with us:

Tazkirah by Prof Azlan from University Malaya
Topic: Reviving the Sunnah

1. Sampaikan, tak semestinya ajar --> kongsi, anybody can remind (ballighuu 'annii walau aayah)

2. We are the best ummah not because of science & technology unless we utilise it for doing good according to Qur'an Sunnah -> 3:110

3. 7 wonders of the world are those from before --> the peak era of civil engineering, nowadays is the peak era of communication, or space-shrinking technology.

4. The extend of how technology benefit us depends on how we use it. 
--> 3:110. Good or bad a particular technology is, depends on us.

5. Islam isn't only for old people or the hereafter
--> Qur'an Sunnah always relevant, whatever Allah has given or taught Muhammad must be until yaumil qiyaamah.

6. Yakin sebenar-benar yakin? Circus: Apple on top of head, a sharpshooter shoots. Many believe it won't hit the forehead of the person with the apple on top of his head. But when those many are asked to be the ones with the apple kat kepala, not many yg ok with it. What is yakin then? Do not doubt life's occurrences. Have faith in Allah. Everything. Ketentuan Allah perintah Allah pasti ada kebaikan, do not doubt it.

7. Qur'an is relevant dan sesuai untuk semua zaman.

8. Distinguish Sunnah & means: makanan, kenderaan. Doa bila naik kenderaan, cara pemakanan ada sunnahnya.

9. Atheists. Sugar in blood. Tak pernah nampak pun, but doctors say so. Similarly, certain things, we can't understand yet. How our body is created pun kite tak faham betul2.

10. Islam bukan atas dasar 'semangat sementara', tapi istiqamah.

11. Kenapa kita dipanggil akhir zaman?

12. Sunnah paling tinggi adalah da'wah; sebab utama Allah utus Nabi Muhammad adalah untuk da'wah.

13. Islam tk blh kite egocentric. 

14. Da'wah adalah amanah yg Nabi pesan pd kita. "Ballighuu 'anni walau aayah."

15. Allah utus one Nabi after another. There was a zaman yg ada 4 prophets synchronously. Sebabnya kerja para Nabi sudah diamanahkan pada kita.

16. We cannot compete in terms of akhlak dgn Nabi dan many of para sahabatnya. We are not better than them. Why? Our Islam is not that stoong yet actually. People don't see Islam when they look at us, befriend us.

17. Da'wah is a job for every Muslim. Asatizah do it mainly by mengajar. 16:125

18. Akhlak mereka yg berjaya bantu sebarkan Islam ke China dan lain2 negara dalam dunia ni.

19. For students, studies and punctuality are da'wah. 

20. Nabi Muhammad had the best akhlak of all mankind. Sadly, this isn't exposed to the world. We need to do something, not enough by telling people alone because the media are telling them otherwise, kite perlu hidupkan akhlak Nabi pada diri kita.

21. Sunnah blh 24 hour. Contoh tidur ikut sunnah kite dpt pahala ikut sunnah. Tidur asal blh adalah 'tidur kosong'. Rugi.

Have a bless Ramadhan! Lets make use of these last 10 days of Ramadhan to maximise our ibadah and deeds, seeking His pleasure alone. Inshaa-Allah. (:

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