Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hiking with NYPMS Network : The Circle Of Life.‏

It's time to de-stress and give yourself a time-out from all the pressure of schoolwork and exams!

Come join us for the much-awaited hiking event at the
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on Saturday 15th August 2009!

Event Time: 0900hrs to 1500hrs.

More details on the poster attached!



Register By Monday, 10th August 2009!

Alumnus are invited. =)

*More essential details will be given to you upon registration.
Indemnity form

Printed copies of the indemnity form can be found in blk E and blk L mussolahs.
The indemnity form is to be completed and returned to the organizing committee by Wednesday, 12 August 2009.

You can pass it to us at the following timings and locations:
- Bro Firdaus @ Nyp McDonalds 12pm - 1pm

*If you are unable to return the indemnity form on time but are still interested to attend the hiking session, do contact Sis Amalia or Bro Firdaus.

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