Sunday, September 2, 2007

NYPMSN Amazing Race 2007

Yesterday, NYPMSN held an Amazing Race event in Sentosa. Alhamdulillah, things went pretty nicely. The weather was great considering it had been raining heavily for the past week.

It was nice to see family and friends gathering together. It was thrilling to see the competitive spirit of the participants. Hopefully the experience helped bond the relationship between team members.

Things started with a game of rounders while waiting for other teams to come. Playing it on the beach gave a different tone to the game. The fact that parents, siblings and friends are playing together made it very memorable.

After briefing the participants of the race and a quick warming up session led by Bro Syaheer, the race commenced.

Teams were made to pose in this truck.

After the whole game, there was prize presentation and a photo-taking of everyone.

Hopefully all of you had fun and overlook the organising committee's shortcomings. We hope to provide more meaningful events in the future. Yeah, we hope to see you there too.

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